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The 8 Best CrossFit Jump Ropes For Weight Loss

CrossFit has become a popular form of exercise that helps people improve their balance, strength, and flexibility. The best part is that it’s safe for anyone to do it regardless of your fitness level or experience. One of the most important aspects of CrossFit is its high-intensity workouts that can be very strenuous on your body. But which is the best CrossFit jump ropes for you?

Jumping rope is a great way to increase cardiovascular conditioning and power output during these intense workouts. If you want to get into a CrossFit routine, you should also consider investing in one or more jump ropes specifically made for CrossFit use. This article will help you find the best jump ropes for CrossFit so that you can start working out with convenience and ease.

The Best Crossfit Jump Ropes

The best Crossfit jump ropes come from highly reputable brands and can get the job done.

These pieces of equipment have various materials and lengths, so you can find one that meets your needs. Thinner ropes create more momentum, while thicker ropes are slower but easier on your joints. Some jump ropes even have handles designed to reduce stress on your wrists and elbows during intense workouts.

These ropes include:

 RPM Session4

The Session4 jump rope is ideal for beginners and experienced jumpers about mid-length. It has a weighted nylon handle with a durable hook end that helps reduce elbow and wrist stress while jumping. It’s also low-priced, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on it.

This straight piece of rope is 17 feet long and 4mm in diameter. This is the perfect choice for people who want to start CrossFit exercises but aren’t clear where to begin or what size rope they should purchase.

The ropes float on top of the water, enabling you to resurface easily with safety. You can adjust how much tension you want from the ball fittings. The RPM Up comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, 48 high compatibility, and many great reviews by customers.

Though the RPM Up Crossfit Jump Rope is the perfect thrower for beginners who are first crossing fit enthusiasts, some customers have found it lacking in durability and quality in their reviews online.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

best crossfit jump ropes

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope might look like a beginner’s CrossFit rope, but this is where the similarities end. The length of this jump rope measures 7.5 ft, and its diameter of 4mm allows for more intensity during a workout.

This lightweight rope by WOD Nation also has a rocker coupled action at the ends to minimize wrist stress because of the pressure you put on them when jumping. As for materials, the acrylic cords are indeed soft enough throughout the length and are puncture-proof so that you can use them potentially throughout your life with ease.

Weighted nylon handles are designed to not dig into your hands while jumping. It’s compatible with cross-fitters, weightlifters, and martial artists, perfectly engineered nylon covering braided performance-enhancing technology benefits.

Crossrope Get Lean Set X

The Crossrope Get Lean Set X is by far what we consider to be the finest commercial jump rope in the marketplace.

It acts as a training tool rather than just a jumping rope to get fit. This model comes through with so many positive aspects compared to our mid-price range alternatives; it’s no wonder that this one received our title for being objectively best out of 150 mass-market jump ropes available today

The Crossrope Get Lean Set X bonus features include:

Premium ABS cover designed Durable nylon Slider LiteNylon cords soft – solid / handcuffs. Additionally, it features a strong heavy-duty lever built-in storage compatible with premium.

No metal ends, no plastic slides4 inch diameter adjuster18 foot wrist wrap resistance gauge specially regulated premium continuous anti-skid note.

Amazon Basics Cylinder Jump Rope

best crossfit jump ropes

Amazon Basics Cylinder Jump Rope is more of an old-styled rope that is still in good condition. But it shows some use, and it is built to be steady and strong enough to withstand a lot of weight, strenuous and jumping.

Its design features and maximum performance are straightforward without unnecessarily weighing down the user with poorly made components. It comes from a solid manufacturing company with very forward-thinking quality control. This makes it deliver top-quality service that will please even the pickiest of us. 

Aero Speed Hyperformance Vinyl Cord Speed Jump Rope

Aero Speed Hyperformance Jump Rope is design and durability make it stand on the top very nicely. This rope is made with high-quality vinyl enhanced by some pre-placement of rubber to provide additional strain protection.

The simple black and red color scheme keeps the overall look very polished and modern but is one of the heavier jump ropes on our list. The coated cords can provide 100% maximum strength handling over many years…..or at least confidence in its life cycle means.

VANWALK Speed Jump Rope

best crossfit jump ropes

VANWALK Speed Jump Rope is a good quality rope that uses comparable material as the top on the list, but not reaching that level. Interestingly, this rope is designed for individuals ages 18 years and up who want a training exercise device that ensures maximum strength and promise working out actions.

But first, you must be a little more demanding when judging if its power will live up to your expectations.

The materials used in this cross-fit jump rope are promising. They meet various basic design criteria, including easy resistance adjustment and long-lasting pieces, setting it apart from others trying to compete with everything else in the market.

The rounded design helps to provide maximum impact producing less acceleration energy. This means you will have some easier and harder jerk effort about equal effectiveness between slow or quick jerks for almost all levels of exerciser regardless of age, sex or size.

Fit Viva Deluxe High-Speed Jump Rope

Fit Viva Deluxe High-Speed Jump Rope is not a high fashion jumper rope; however, this Jump Rope is just what we mean by reliable, cutting-edge, high-tech top quality we all want. The workout experts at Ultrafit emphasize including the disc resistance system set with three discs.

Each provides greater levels of different lifting weights stronger / hips to work smarter and stronger for a better outcome for all individuals using the Interval Timed Mat.

Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope

Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope goes easy on your joints and is very light. Additionally, it is very comfortable and the material is of high quality. Since it’s easily adjustable one can use the preferable length.

The handles are comfortably made to ensure you don’t get blisters when using. Interestingly you can use it for an extended period. New features have followed those who have dreamed about having such a rope. These include five different resistance levels, multiple handles tension control, speed adjustment, personal timer and practical carrying bag.


Jumping rope is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn calories. With the best CrossFit jump rope you can easily reach your potential. Luckily, there are now very affordable and easily accessible. Buy yourself one today. to choose from!